Our homestay program provides you an excellent way to be part of a Spanish family to get to know the food, the culture and the Spanish customs. It is the most ideal option for language learning and improving your communication skills. It is an awesome opportunity not only to improve your Spanish but also to live first hand the Spanish life. Also, obviously, to make new friends in Barcelona as all or most of our host families will have children close to your age.

Our students can choose to be placed in a host family alone or together with other/s participants of the program.
We always try to place our students according to their preferences. When you enroll in any of our programs you will receive an e-mail with a "Host Family Questionnaire". Fill it up and send it back to us by e-mail.
In this form we want to know what are your requests regarding your host family accommodation in Barcelona.
We also need to know about your allergies (if any) your preferences regarding the type of food and any other details you would like us to know when selecting the host family that is the best match for you.

Our students are always very happy with their host families. If there is any problem, the student have to inform us at school inmediately and we will fix the problem or we'll move him/her to another accommodation.

Most of our host families have children of similar ages to our students and they started collaborating with us several years ago when their children were much younger. They all are very nice and well educated people who really like to have our students at home. Their sons and daughters will be attending our summer camps together with our students.

The host families live in some of the nicest and best neighboorhoods in Barcelona and many of them just few minutes walking distance from our school. Students usually have a private bedroom (or share the room with the son or daughter) and bathroom. The host family will provide all bed linens, pillows and towels the student/s need while staying with them. All our families take very good care of the students and offer them a warm and kind environment while also helping us with their supervision.

The children of our host families, boys and girls also participate in our Sport Camps and some of them also attend the cultural excursions and activities included in our Summer Programs together with the student/s they have at home.

Since 1997 at SpainBcn we have organized and offer fantastic programs for young students. Our host families were carefully selected from the very beginnig and many of them are related to our teachers, coordinators and Directors.
SpainBcn Homestay families are now, as always, carefully selected and the new ones have become part of our program via referral. That is, another one of our host families has recommended them.

Through our many years of experience now, we have selected the best families so we only work with a close number of families which have proved to be a good fit for our program. Our host families rely on us for all what is realated to the student/s we place with them at their home. We know personally our host families and we trust them.
We are also in direct contact with them during all the program and also during the hole year .
We take pride in the numerous recommendations we receive from satisfied students over the years. Many of our host families are still in contact with students that they had at their homes several years ago.

Our host families simply provide a home away from home.
You'll get the right environment required for crisp learning as you'll hear and speak Spanish the whole time.
This way you'll get ample chances to make your vocabulary more rich, polish your grammar, amend your listening skills. Homestay will give an extra boost to your learning curve.

The host families like to share their lifestyle, traditions, provide accommodation and help others of diverse cultures and backgrounds better understand what it is like to live in Barcelona and Spain. The families and the students gain many wonderful memories that they will cherish for the rest of your lives.

We know your expectations of a fantastic SpainBcn-Program in Barcelona will become true and you will have a memorable experience and a many stories to share with your friends and family when you return home.

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