SpainBcn-Volleyball Camp & Spanish/Cultural Program, Summer Homestay for Teens
If you are looking for a great summer experience in one of the most beautiful and intereting cities in Europe,
this is a fantastic opportunity for middle and high school students, boys and girls with all levels of Spanish
and who love Volleyball, to enjoy a fun and complete teenagers' summer program in Barcelona.

offers a fun summer experience to those international students who want to learn or improve Spanish, play Volleyball and make the most of their time while visiting Barcelona and this area of Spain.
To live with a Spanish host family also gives you the oportunity to practice more your Spanish and make new friends.

any week or weeks between June 25th and the end of July.
Participants can enroll per 1,2 or 3 weeks in our summer programs.
You can also choose to attend different sport each week of your summer.

boys and girls from 12 to 18 years old, with some previous experience in Volleyball and with all levels of Spanish. Depending on the program's week you attend the Volleyball Camp will include more training days per week of Indoors Volleyball or more days per week of Beach Volleyball. Also trainings can be organized in the mornings or in the afternoons depending on the groups levels.
Practice your favourite sport with boys and girls of your age from Barcelona and from different countries,
while improving and practicing your Spanish. This is a supervised summer program for young students
+ a great oportunity to make real friends from different parts of the world.

About the Volleyball practice:
Daily practice at a nice Volleyball Camp. Professional coaches, nice facilities.
At the Volleball Camp the international players are mixed with the group of Spanish players with their same age and level.
Once at the camp, each week on Monday, players will be grouped by skill level and be trained in technical skills,
as well as hitting, setting and defensive positioning training.
Coaches are experienced, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about the game of volleyball.

OPTIONS OF THE VOLLEYBALL SUMMER PROGRAM: Participants can choose how many days per week
they want to attend of Spanish classes and how many days per week they want to attend the cultural visits.
Students who are not attending the classes attend the Cultural Program.

About Homestay:
Participants (from 12 to 17 years old) are carefully placed with our nice and selected Spanish host families in centric Barcelona, most of them nearby our school. When enrolling in the program, participants choose to be accommodated alone with the host family or together with 1, 2 or 3 other participant/s of our teen summer programs with similar ages. Our host families have children with similar ages to the students we place with them who will be attending our sport camps. We'll try to accommodate participants with host families with children also playing Volleyball so they go together to the trainings.

About the Spanish lessons:
For all levels. Students are placed the first day in class with the right group according to their level. All learning material is included and it is provided at school. Certificate of Studies at the end of the program (upon request).
About the Cultural Program: The Cultural Programs includes a variety of guided visits, entrances to the best museums,
Historical walks and social activities to enjoy in Barcelona. It also includes a day excursion on Saturday to visit other nice locations in the Mediterranean coast, nearby Barelona. The Cultural Program is different every week.

About our Spanish host families: Our teenagers students are accommodated with our very nice and carefully selected Spanish host families, located in centric Barcelona, most of them walking distance from our school, and in some of the best neighborhoods of the city. The host families have a son or a daughter with a similar age to the boy student or girl student we place withe them. Many of the children of our host families attend the Sport Camps, activities and excursions included in the cultural program.

Let us know about your group's interents and needs.
We'll organize and offer you the best possible program!

Contact us at Volleyball@SummerCampsBarcelona.com

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