At the Soccer/Football Camp is provided professional high-level training in a first class facilities and profesional coaches combined with quality Spanish language instruction and guided cultural routes and day excursions on Saturdays to beautiful places located nearby Barcelona to enjoy more of the Mediterranean coast. Participants will also enjoy a carefully selected Homestay in Barcelona, sightseeing and a complete cultural program during the day to get the most from the Spanish way of life.
In the evening, students return to their Spanish host families  to enjoy dinner and quality time.
Participants enrol in the program per weeks and they can attend any of our youth summer programs for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks as the daily cultural visits and excursions day on Saturday included in each week of their summer program will be different.
Sundays are the arrival and departure days for most of the participants.

AGES: Homestay programs are open to boy and girls from 11/12 to 20 years old, with al levels of Soccer/Football and Spanish. Players are organized per age. Half Day Programs available (from 10 years old), for those who are in Barcelona with parents.
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
Daily training in the mornings, Monday through Friday, from 9:30 am to 1 pm.
Professional coaches + First class facilities + First Division Club + Players are organized in groups per levels according to their age, level and skills.
At the camp, international players are mixed at the camp with the Spanish players of similar age and level.
The children of our host families attend the Socer Camp together with the student/s they have at home. Most of these players attend the camp every summer. Friendly matches against local players can be arranged during the program.
Every week players receive at the camp 2 T-shirts and pant of Soccer Club to play.
Our coordinators pick up the players at their host families' accommodation to accompany them to the meeting point for all players and coordinators to go to the Soccer/Football Camp. After the training they are accommpanied back from the camp, to SpainBcn school in center of Barcelona.

HOMESTAY IN CENTRIC BARCELONA with our nice and carefully selected Spanish host families. Most of our host families have young children with similar ages to the students we will be placeing with them. Students are placed with the host families according to their preferences and requests. You just need to inform us about it when enrolling in the program through the "Host Family Questionnaire".
Girls students are place with host families that have girls of similar age and no teenager boys. Boys students are placed with host families that have boys of similar age who will be probably also attending the daily training with them.
This is a supervised program. Curfews (11:30 pm) will be strictly enforced (please see below).

OPTION OF SOCCER PROGRAM Participants choose how many hours of SPANISH CLASSES and how many hours of CULTURAL PROGRAM with guide visits and cultural excursions they want to attend each week of program.
New participants that have arrived during the weekend will join on Monday morning at the Soccer/Football Camp the right group for them according to their age and level. In the afternoon, they will join the right group at SpainBcn school to attend their classes according to their level of Spanish.
CHANGE YOUR OPTION OF PROGRAM: Those participants who are enrolled in the program for ore than 1 week can change their option of SpainBcn Soccer Program once they are in Barcelona.

SPANISH LESSONS: Spanish lessons are offered at SpainBcn Spanish Language School from Monday through Thrusday (in the morning -from 9:30 am. to 1 pm- and in the afternoon -from 4 pm. to 7:20 pm) for those participants interested in learning or improving their Spanish.
Spanish students are organized in classes according to their level as much as possible (with a minimum group of 5 students).
Spanish students attending the Spanish lessons must be mature and serious in purpose if they want to see an improvement in their level of Spanish. Professional Spanish Teachers, native of Spain. Learning material included. Certificate of Studies (upon request).

CULTURAL PROGRAM: In the afternoons from 4 pm. to 7:30 pm, Monday through Friday, there is a complete and fun cultural program that includes a variety of guided visits, entrances to the best museums of Barcelona, guided Historical routes, guided walks to the nicest areas of the city, etc.
Transportations to do the cultural activities and entrances to the museums included.
The Spanish teachers accompany the students during all the activities and excursions included in the program.
The Cultural Program is different every week so those participants who enroll for more than one week see different things and do different activities each week of their program.
DAY EXCURSIONS ON SATURDAYS: The summer program also includes excursion to the beach on Friday and a 1 Day Excursion on Saturdays to visit other intersting locations on the Mediterranean coast. Excursions are different each week.
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
SUPERVISED TEEN SUMMER PROGRAM: SpainBcn Youth Summer Programs are supervised. We take personally take good care of all our students and our teachers and coordinators pick up the students at their accommodations to accompany them to the school or to the camp in the mornings.
First medical care is available at the Soccer Camp.
Our bilingual directors are available 24/7 for the students.
The students group is accompanied during all the activities included in the program by the teacher/s and several coordinators .
Our carefully selected and very nice Spanish host families take good care of SpainBcn students and help us with the supervision.- However, participants must be mature and serious in purpose.-
Arrival and departure transfers from/to Barcelona Airport or Tren Station are included for those participants traveling without an adult.

CURFEWS: This is a supervised summer program for teenager students. Students can not go out alone after the curfew and this rule will be stricly enforced by the school and the host family.
Participants are not allowed to be away from their home in Barcelona overnight (after 11,30) and curfews will be strictly enforced.
The host families help us with the supervision and care of the students. Eventhough, participants must be mature and well educated.
The children of the host families will organize social activities with family and friends and students will be included.
During the Summer Programs when interesting activities are going on in the city, "night outs" might be organized for the older students with the school teachers or coordinators or with the host families.
AUTHORIZATION FROM PARENTS: Those parents or guardians who want to permit their children to go out alone, without the school or the host family supervision and after the curfew have to send to the school a formal permission slip for their children to go out during the night. This authorization will have to release SpainBcn-Programs and the Spanish host family from any responsability for those students who want/decide to go out at night after the program's curfew.

NOTE: Alcohol and drugs are prohivided. A student bad behaviour may then result in the school contacting the parent or guardian to inform them that the parents/guardians must speak with their child directly.
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
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SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona