To enroll for Summer 2015:

Quality Homestay Programs for boys and girls from 12 to 20 years old.

We are looking forward to greeting you in Barcelona, whether this is your first summer with us, or if you are returning participant...
Welcome to SpainBcn-Spanish & Cultural Summer Programs in Barcelona

We will be starting our enrollment process for Summer 2015 on December 1st.
Our Early Bird Prices are valid for those formally enrolled in the program by March 1st, 2015.


First step:
Contact us at to get information about your program with us.
We'll be also glad to answer any question you have regarding the program or your dates of stay with us.
Please remember that we will be starting the enrollment process on December 1st.

Second step:
Once you have the information about the program and you want to enroll, please request by e-mail the "INSCRIPTION FORM".
Please fill it up at your earliest convenience with as much information as you want and send it back to us by e-mail to
Once we receive it, we will get back to you as soon as possible to continue your enrollment.

Third step:
We need to select a nice Spanish host family for you according to your preferences, requests and dates of stay, so we will send by e-mail the "HOST FAMILY QUESTIONNAIRE".
Please fill up the "HOST FAMILY QUESTIONNAIRE" with as much information about you son or daughter as you want us to have to select the best match for him or her.
NOTE: Participants are placed alone with the host family or together at the same host family with 1 or 2 other participants of our Summer Program according to their choice.

If you want your child to be place with another participant of the program please let us know. We do our best to match all your requests. We need this information to start organizing our host families accommodation for the participants of our summer programs (dates, needs, requests, allergies, to be placed alone or with friend/s, etc.)
When you fill up the "HOST FAMILY QUESTIONNAIRE" include as much information about you as you want.

NOTE: Booking a host family for you son or daughter as soon as possible will allow us to be able to choose, select and assign the Spanish host family that bettter matches your preferences.

Fourth Step:
PAYMENT of your program to formally book.
Payment can be done by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or bank transfer.
You will receive by e-mail a "Booking Confirmation" as soon as the payment is done.

Early Bird Prices are valid for those formally enrolled and program paid by March 1st.
Last day to enroll in the program is June 20th.

Your place in the program is not guarateed until your program is not paid in full.
Click here to see about "Cancellation Policy"

Fith Step:
Once your enrollment process is completed and the program is paid you will receive the "STUDENT'S PROGRAM INFORMATION" wich is a complete PDF document with all the detailed information (incluiding the name, direction, contact information, description, pictures, etc. of your Spanish host family for this summer) and schedule of daily activities

December 1st: Registration Opening Day! We are now accepting for summer 2015!
Enroll as soon as possible to take advantage of the "Eary Bird Prices" and guarantee your host family accommodation.
March 1st: final day for the Early Bird Pricing.
To take advantage of the early bird pricing your enrollment has to be completed by March 1st .
By June 10th we won't be accepting any more enrollments for this summer program or sooner than that, when host families are booked.
1.-) Carefully selected Spanish host family accommodation in Barcelona according to the students requests.
2.-) Spanish Classes daily in the mornings, Monday through Friday, from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.
Students are placed in small groups of 6-7 students according to their level of Spanish. Learning material is provided at school.
Professional Spanish teachers. Nice school in the best area in Barcelona, first class facilities, high quality Spanish Immersion Program.
3.-) Cultural Program in Barcelona (with a complete variety of guided cultural visits and excursions, historical routes, entrances to the best museums, guided walks and fun activities that are different every day and every every week of the program) daily in the afternoon, from 4 pm to 7:30 pm.
4.-) Breakfast and dinner, daily, are with the host family and also the 3 meals on Sunday (free day of the program).
Picnic or package-lunch is provided by the SpainBcn School for the excursion days (Saturdays) and beach days (Fridays);
5.-) All transportation needed for the Cultural activities, visits and excursions included in the program;
6.-) Supervised summer programs. SpainBcn teachers and coordinators will pick up daily the youngest students at their host families accommodation to accompany them to the school in the mornings and back to their host families after the afternoon activities.
7.-) Participant's Airport/train pick up/drop off on arrival and departure dates (upon request);
8.-) Supervised program with SpainBcn Directors and coordinators available for the students 24/7.;
Teachers and coordinators accompany the students durig all the scheduled activities of the SpainBcn Program.
9.-) Certificate of Studies and Program at the end (upon request).

Participants may attend the program for 1, 2, or 4 weeks, any weeks between middle June up to August 10th.
For those who are 12 years old we suggest a 1 week program.
For those who are younger than 14 we suggest a 2 weeks program.
For those who are 15 and older we suggest a 3 weeks program.
Those who are 16 and older and really want to improve their Spanish and have previous experiences with summer program we suggest a 4 weeks program.

Sundays are the arrival and the departure days for the participants.
Those students who are flying from outside Europe so they may need 1 extra day to recover from the jetlag, can also arrive on Saturday and this extra day is included ( so the accommodation on Saturday is covered by the program fee.

Sundays are the departure days for most of the participants of our summer programs as on Saturdays the program includes a 1 day excursion out of Barcelona.

If a participant needs to arrive in Barcelona before Saturday or Sunday and needs to leave from Barcelona later than Sunday, there will be an extra cost per each day of program and accommodation (95 euros).

When we send you the information about your assigned host family you will receive complete information about them: their location, distance from the school, detailed description of the family members, their pictures, e-mails and phone to contact them, etc.

NOTE: Returning students who wish to be placed with the same host family or wish to be changed should make requests as soon as possible.

NOTE: Even though we may assing a host family to you when you enroll in the program, to avoid any problems if there are any changes, we won't send information about your host family in Barcelona until your program dates come closer (approximately 1 month earlier).

Any questions? e-mail us!